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Georgia customs

Free import

• 200 cigarettes
• 3 litres of wine
• 10 litres of beer
• Personal goods equal to 100kg
• Imported goods weighing more than 20kg will be taxed at GEL1 per kilo.
• Tourists visiting the country are advised upon entry to complete a customs declaration form which should allow for the legal import of various personal items including Jewellery, cameras and computers. Travellers should keep hold of the completed form until after they have left the country.


• Illegal drugs
• Weapons, Explosives and ammunition-unless obtained permission to do so
• Knives and other deadly weapons
• Pornographic materials
• Objects of national importance –unless permission has been granted to do so
• Plants and animals


• All animals being imported into the country will require a veterinarian health certificate
• All personal medicines being imported into the country should be accompanied with a doctor’s statement to avoid being detained by the customs authorities.
• Cats, Dogs and other pets will require a veterinarian health certificate before being allowed entry.
• Pieces of art being imported or exported out of the country will need a photo of the object in question and a document signed by the Ministry of Culture granting permission for the objects to leave the country.
• Hunting rifles may be imported into the country providing the traveller has gained a valid Georgian hunting licence.

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